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Awesome-coming from stoked, meaning sweet in terms of skiing or snowboarding
Dude! that jump was stoken
by Hirnz January 11, 2008
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Pronunciation: \sto-ken\
Function: noun, adjective, verb
Etymology: Eastern US English, stoken,
Date: early 2000+

a : hate to see another in a better position than him or herself

b : do to a severe lack of ability to achieve at the normal level of a standard human a β€œstoken” will instead complain about those who outperform him or herself

c : to come from a place of zero intelligence, reason and work ethic and hate those who achieve at a higher level

d: additionally a stoken, in a group setting, will rarely have money to contribute, and at point of collection will always have an excuse as to why he or she does not owe said debt

a : Just because I am better at fantasy football, that is no reason to be a stoken.

b : Don’t be a stoken, everyone else put money in.
by downat420 October 18, 2009
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derived from the popular words stoke or stoked.
can be used as a verb or an adjective.
if you or one of your friends is "stoken" on a guy or a girl it means they are hot for them or crushing on them.
when used as an adjective it describes someone who is hot, good, or bangable.
kissten: aybaybay that boy is stoken!
dody: omg i know he is totally stoken and so is his friend!

kissten: dody im totally stoken on this guy!
dody: kissten im totally stoken on his friend, lets double.

kissten: aybaybay you're a stoken friend!
dody: aww kissten you're a stoken friend too!
by joglax November 06, 2007
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A token that one needs when they are excited about something.
Did Zak give you a stoken? I was so jazzed when he gave me one!

Collect all the Stokens to win at life!
by ZakManofSteel March 08, 2012
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