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A language so mutilated it doesn't deserve to be called English any more.
"Oh look, yet another example why we should rename English to American, because us Americans have a deeper linguistic understanding of our language than the country that created it." from an idiotic YouTube comment

Notice how arrogant Americans are about their "US English" non-English
by 1471717gasdg87a5sge April 28, 2015
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A language named English, which originated in England. The Americans have changed the language to be different and sever their ties with England. These days, Americans believe they created the English language and believe their way of speaking English is correct. This is not the case however, as the English language originates from England. Therefore, if you're ever told by an American that you're speaking English incorrectly, you have the right to say that they have no right to tell you that "US English" is correct, and you're speaking their language wrong.
American: OH MY GOD, I love the color of your dress!
English Person: It's COLOUR. With a U!
American: Umm, that's so wrong! There is no U.
English Person: The clue is in the name, English! England! I'm correct you idiot yank!
American: Whatever... American people are better than you stinking Brits...
English Person: I'm English. Not British.
U.S English, the incorrect variation on standard English.
by King Donkeyfuck April 02, 2015
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