The act involves a girl being on her back and spread eagle on a bed, while the man stands in the corner and attempts to enter her vagina from the jump. Very difficult and dangerous - High probability for a broken dick.
Derek: Did you hear Travis is in the hospital?

Charles: No! What happened?

Derek: He attempted a Stinger Splash and broke his shit!
by goillini33 April 7, 2009
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Mouth stabbing until the point of regurgitation. Once regurgitation is achieved the man collects the regurge form off off his phallaginal region an proceeds to smack and reinsert regurge back into the oral cavity of mouth stabbee.
Repeat process until desired regurges have been achieved.
Did you get on the ropes and in all the corners?
I DID give Monica one helleva screwface stinger splash!
by Pregnant People June 30, 2010
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