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Sexual act in which a male withdraws just before climax and, not possessing the control to target his ejaculate on typical female anatomy targets (buttocks, stomach, breasts, face), he unintentionally loses his load on his own pants.
Attorney: "Why couldn't you be the father of Karen Sypher's aborted child?"

Rick Pitino: "Because I pulled a Sticky Ricky."

Attorney: "What? What is that? Please explain to the court."

Rick Pitino: "I spilled my load down the front of my $6000 suit pants before I could move around to unload on her leathery breasts. So the kid ain't mine."

Attorney: "Whoa, wait a second. You only penetrated her for 15 seconds, and yet still managed to ejaculate on yourself?"

Rick Pitino: "Yes."

Attorney: "Dude...."
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The act of covering ones penis with honey fucking a girl in the ass or vagina nutting in her then slurping the sperm back out to spit into the mouth of the girl she spits it back into his mouth and they repeat until one swallows
Dude I totally gave heather a thick sticky ricky last night
by dookie69999 April 09, 2014
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this number is performed when you have a nice sized party group with some stupid girls, first you play a litlle beer pong and get the girls drunk, and stewed out of their minds, then eventually theyll pass out, their bitches. one of the friends passes out in a nice bedroom with a king sized bed, you sneak into the room quite enough not to wake your victim, get into the bed unoticed and slowly slip her pants off, she has to be laying on her side or stomach for it to work. you then slip out your penis and insert it into the victims anus and sexually reproduct, eventually your about to cum but the girl wakes up while your jerking your dick and her eyes widen and BOOM you ignite all upon her asscheeks like a fucking race horse as she watches and realizes she has just been raped in the buttHOLE, she should then push you off the bed and start wailing on you chasing and screaming at you around the house letting all of your friends kow the dirty deed youve just committed.

In Honor of Ricky Orrill a.k.a dick orrill hehehe aka stickyricky=
"yo man, i went to my girlfriends the other night we got fucking zonked, she passed out, of course i did what was said to be impossible, I gave her a good ol fashioned Sticky Ricky"
by SalvatoreChops May 13, 2010
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Come home a little earlier than normal one day. Before you open the door, start whacking off. Just before you nut, ring the doorbell and cover the peephole. When your girl opens the door to see who it is, bust a load right in her face and proudly announce "Honey, I'm home!".
Im giving Lisa the Sticky Ricky for Valentines Day
by DeesNuts February 17, 2005
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1. The act of ejaculating into ones hands, then shaking another's hand with the right hand whilst punching them in the face with the left.

2. The name of the person who first devised and performed the above act.
1. Mate, did you haer about MAtty G? He got full on Sticky Ricky'd the other night!

2. Did you hear that Sticky Ricky and Spinny Dave were at Drunken Bridge Hill last night?
by THEORIGINALKEVANS October 06, 2011
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When you are so fat that you get permanent swamp ass. Other symptoms include penis zits, green piss, and homosexual desires for men in tight pants.
Dude, I think you gave me another Sticky Ricky, maybe we should get a physical.
by Mach 3 August 26, 2005
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