A common slang term for a car with a manual transmission; also referred to as a "stick."
Joe: Hey Eric, can I quickly borrow your car and run to the bank?

Eric: Well, I drive a stickshift if that matters.

Joe: Oh, okay. I don't know how to drive one.

Eric: Sorry buddy, I can't help you there.
by ThatOtherDude90009 November 19, 2011
Another Word for Penis,
to drive a stickshift usually means to give a handjob, but it can mean pretty much anything involving a penis, as the term is fairly general. Since it's fairly new, most people fall for it and think your asking about a car when you ask "Do you know how to drive Stickshift?"
"Do you know how to drive stickshift?"

"Yeah I've driven Tom's"

"Damn ;)"

"Oh your dirty..."
by Britttttttta94 January 6, 2010
A stickshift is a girl who enjoys riding her boyfriend when he's sleepy (usually not sober) Stick shifts tend to be quiet girls that want some peace and quiet during sex
by mrlol October 15, 2017
Sticking a stick shift up someones ass. or someone may call it stickshifting, when sticking ANYTHING up your ass.
i totally stickshifted her last night braa it was awesome.

stickshift a teddy bear

stickshift a hamster.

i was stickshifting her and i stuck it to far, so we had to take her to the hospital. lawl.
by briannaxxx6/11/11 June 11, 2011
The sexual act of placing a hand on ones penis and moving it around as if it is a car stick shift. Don’t forget to say “Vroom vroom”.
hey jimmy did you like that stickshifting last night?”
by bluntboyz666 January 29, 2021
when you have a boner and (accidentally or intentionally)bump someone with it
tim pushed john who had a massive boner into susan, giving him a stickshift
by panman September 4, 2006
Giving a hand job with chewing tobacco dip spit as lubricant.
While giving another male a hand job, I put fresh dip in my mouth, then gave him an Alabama stickshift.
by Gaydoo February 13, 2013