The act of beating each other with sticks or thin planks of wood; often known as "stick fighting"; very popular amongst red-necks.
Bill, Earl, and all those other red-necks go stickin' every friday night down at the lumber yard.
by VampirePiggy December 3, 2010
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When a car looks good,clean,raw..

Originated in Miami and used there often when someone see's a car that looks nice with big rims clean with rims etc..
Dam that chevy stickin
by ogezze June 7, 2009
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To be high on an stimulant, most commonly associated with ecstasy and mdma.
I’m stickinright now off this Jigga.
by ColderVisionz January 27, 2021
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Feeling mad or depressed about a certain thing that has occurred.
I got no ass tonight...I’m stickin’.
by Sebmoe May 11, 2020
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To flirt with or chop a girl and get in her pants.
For example:

Me: Yo Eric's stickin that bitch sooo hardd.

Ryan: Wordd bro I wish I was that good at stickin bitches.
by Your_Mop November 17, 2010
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When you bend over and ur ass crack is stickin out
yo johnny was stickin mad hard today
by Timeshift November 3, 2007
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