An uneducated person, usually of hairy stature, born and raised in the woods where they burn their own trash and are quite fascinated by the thought of "Nascar and 4x4 competitions on more than one channel of their cable box.

Usually completed with the additive of "Sausage-like finger characteristics, and thinks it is a mortal SIN to take of their shirt any time of the year, inducing immense tan lines.
"You know that new kid, Justin."
"Yeah, The one who wears the same sweatshirt everyday?"
"He's such a sticka."
"Couldn't agree more."
by ej1boy March 10, 2010
something that is exceptionally fantastic or awesome.
Yo, how shay sticka is jason.
by Sandymangina February 16, 2007
i had epic blicka sticka with stacey last night.
by AAAAJAJENEH February 1, 2023
A whore-bag or very naught elderly peasant.
Damn, Ivory is such a Sticka Mafoo!
by darianadead February 3, 2009