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A town considered to be in the "northwest suburbs" of Chicago. It is prodominantly Jewish. The better half of the town goes to Stevenson High School while the other half goes to Buffalo Grove High School.

Everything in Buffalo Grove closes before 9 o'clock except for Buffalo's Ice Cream Parlor so this becomes the late night hang out. Also, the popo pull you over for going 1 mile over the speed limit and bust every party they possibly can. They try to dominish our hopes of escaping boredom by becoming raging alcoholics or potheads.

High school students tend to go far away for college with high hopes that life isnt this boring everywhere.
Courtney: What do you want to do tonight?

Lauren: I dont know...the grove is so f-ing boring.

Courtney: I know...I guess we could go to Buffalo's for ice cream.

Lauren: Again? We've been there every night..Fuck Buffalo Grove.
by Rachel Greenberg June 10, 2005
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A suburb of the city of Chicago, that is filled to the top with wiggers, wanna-be's, posers, sluts, preps, and white-trash.
"You ever been to Buffalo Grove?"
"Don't ever go there..."
by Aaron February 12, 2005
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A suburb in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Students in Buffalo Grove either attend Stevenson High School or Buffalo Grove High School. In case you're wondering, BGHS is better. Whenever the two schools meat in a sport, Stevenson comes up with an incredibly offensive cheer, only to be shot down later when they lose.

Example: Boys volleyball game in 2006.

Stevenson cheer: "BG swallows!"
Buffalo Grove wins the match
BG cheer: "Now who swallows?"
Buffalo Grove beats Stevenson at practically every sport.
by bison4eva January 07, 2007
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One of the best burbs around the chicago area...

its not full of wiggers, wiggers get their asses handed to them at this school.. and stevenson sucks dick.. only faggots go to that school..
Poor white trash go to stevenson, and their parents work at mcdonalds or some other shitty job, while the rest of us get high paying jobs and roll in our Mercedes and Lexus's..

The only thing bad about BGHS, is the punk/gothic/emo mother fuckers...
Like Tim King, hes a fucking loser with his tight pants he looks like a faggot just like the rest of those pussys..

BGHS for the win.
Wheeling Highschool : man we are poor, just like stevenson, too bad we cant go to Buffalo grove
Tim King : im so gay
by BGHS Rocks April 22, 2006
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