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An awesome ska/punk band based out of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Most ska fans would enjoy this band, as well as many punks. To find out more about them, go to
Person 1: Were you at that Stereohype show last week?

Person 2: Yes, their use of the trumpet was superb.
by That One Dude July 19, 2005
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They are the best ska/punk band in mississippi. They got 2 albums Tighten Up and Tequila Sunrise and a sweet cover of Take Me On also cover by Reel Big Fish
Did you hear Stereohype's song My Senorita

Yes, it one of there best
by M.I.K.E to the C May 19, 2007
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A stereotype that is based on unsound or highly subjective non-empirical observation, with little basis in fact.

Stereotype: Black people are often good athletes.

Stereohype: All black people like watermelon.
Don't believe the stereohype!
by Johnny J. Rockability January 28, 2008
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