A basketball move in which the ballhandler takes one dribble back and then shoots. Designed to create separation, the stepback is often utilized following a crossover in order to open up even more space for a clear shot. Despite the beliefs of rich white kids who think they can ball, a stepback is NOT the same as a fadeaway, the main difference being that a stepback is used closer to the perimeter/elbow area of the court. A fadeaway is also used to create separation, but closer to the paint/blocks area after posting a fool up.
Nick: Wow, I just crossed over and hit that kid with a nasty stepback...
Ryland: Ouch
by Stepback November 16, 2016
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A common way of transferring extreme power from you to another person in the form of a backwards force. This is done by making a stop-sign with your left hand out, and yelling β€œStep Back!”.
Step back! You have been told by Mark.
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by dolgi_black September 10, 2018
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