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A picture that includes yourself (see selfie) and at least one other person, usually in the background, who is completely unaware that their picture was taken.

Short for "stealthy selfie" and usually performed between friends as a good natured prank, stelfies are considered a whimsical and fun pastime.

There are those who take pictures of other people and post them in public places without their permission but mainstream stelfie enthusiasts do not support this practice.
I caught George picking his nose when I took this stelfie at the concert last night.
by the gypsiest morgan ever September 17, 2014
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A photograph resemblant of oneself, and can look as if it was taken by someone else. People like me who use a Macbook, or people who have a laptop fitted with a camera can take these "stealth" selfies with the aid of Photo Booth, or similar programmes/apps. It is called a stelfie because you took the photo yourself without the aid of holding your camera phone up to a mirror (BAD selfie) or without the amateur shot of having your arm held out to take such a photo.

Hence, laptop photographs taken of oneself are taken stealthily and thus called "stelfies".
I can't tell if this photograph was taken by a genuine photographer, or if it's some Macbook or laptop carrying guy's stelfie.
by 6-M@N July 15, 2014
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When a person constantly takes selfies and is also named Stefan, or Steffy. Rare cases include people with the name Stefania.
Man Stefan Mira Kuzmanovic is such a Stelfie, full took a pic of himself doing a fakey McTwisty and screaming "I'm Steffy and I know it!"
by MiffyRabbit August 19, 2013
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