An over religous homosexual who's life is consumed by the sport of football. Also one who likes boys and young men.
Look at that poor Steffen over there, it must suck sitting on the bench the entire football season, beacuse you plagerized your senior paper.
by fidell March 18, 2008
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Wonderful for 18 years and leaves you for some stupid stripper whore! Great looking, tall, loving, until the year he finds something better. But no he will never tell. Youll have to be a mastermind and still he wont admit fault. What a catch...and waste...of years...not days.
Love me like a Steffen would....please dont leave me like a Steffen would!
by REVENGE IS COMING September 19, 2018
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To make a simple mistake on a master copy of something, thereby screwing up every subsequent edition. Every fruit of the poisonous Steffen tree has to be gone through line by line to ensure that the mistake is corrected.

Other renditions of Steffen include: steffening, steffened (past), steffen up 2: the SKUs, the steffenation, and steffen 2: electric boogaloo.
Aw, shit. I have to go correct a metric fuckton of work because I steffened the original copy.
by funstar August 31, 2010
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Steffen is an complete unsocial awkard "thing" to be around.
He goes to a rich white boy school, and loves being a nerd.
Bad skills with ladies in general. THINKS he can dance... but usually shouldn't bring up this subject cause he tends to dance randomly in public.
hey nerd come over here, and stop being such a steffen.
nah aint got the ladies.. just been a steffen recently.
guy1 "hey can you help me with my homework?"
guy2 "man why cant you be more like steffen?!"

"stop dancing around like steffen"
just stop being a steffen and ask her out already"
by RHHS student faculty board December 06, 2013
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