A stupid ass (usually mexican) prick who goes to raves and tries to turn it into a club scene.
He will have a dyed blond streak in his hair, wear stupid snapbacks, quote things from Jersey Shore, wear collared shirts buttoned all the way, have pants with purposely ripped holes.
And will usually take advantage of girls on drugs to their fullest extent.
thats because hes a no good queer steezer.
by FawkYou June 11, 2011
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when edwin and brandon go around making fun of "steezers" steezers are guys with cargos , converse , high socks , buttom up , and snapback because it only takes a couple bucks too be one , steezers these days
Edwin- "look at that guy he think he can go off and spend a couple bucks on some cargos and a snapback"

Brandon-" I know look at these steezers these days"

Edwin- " well it only takes a couple bucks too be one"
by Edwinsupremeolvera January 14, 2012
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A submerging subculture consisting of stoner/skater kids that snowboard for religion, smoke weed for life, and deck themselves out in neon.
They can be seen wearing brightly colored condom hats, Boobeyes sunglasses, and anything relative to CandyGrind.
They like to go camping on a regular basis and they like to slap stickers on anything they can get their steezer hands on.
Sounds like he's turning into a steezer.
by Highlighter Striped Hyena July 13, 2010
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a person who usually wears snapbacks, cardigans, toms, etc. some may even dye part of their hair blonde. they also like going to electronic music dances, so they know how to shuffle. these guys are fresh, good looking and know how to dress. (steezers are located in southern california)
Damn, i saw this fine a** steezer last night!
by CaliBby June 09, 2011
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A person who frequently engages in the act of steezing(smoking marijuana)

Dude, you're such a steezer.. ever think it's time to quit?

I'm a steezer for life.
by Hilario Bagawilowagnacio March 20, 2006
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