Stebe is an overprotective parent and a Stabe is the child of the overprotective parent.
Person 1: I can't come over to your house, my parents won't let me until I do all of my chores!
Person 2: What a stabe. You have a stebe parent.
by marioisthebest June 29, 2022
Northern Reserve slang for big stupid cop.
"Hey Gordeee, where's Stebe?"
by Cinderblock79 May 9, 2010
his mom tells him he's special like ridin the short yellow bus to school special enough said
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
random nigga: are you stebe?
sexy man: yes
by NOTSTEBE November 23, 2022
Pirate - to take it in the ass like steve and his entire family tree they enhale the cock like a little boy with asthma he has boat shoes and theres a b in his name
by snoop doogggg March 26, 2003
steve van leer is the queer n fucks a deer, he shood jump off a peer, and just stay clear
steve fucks farm animals
by Anonymous March 26, 2003