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To act in a manner that coincides with and/or emulates an action that Detective Eliot Stabler of the Special Victims Unit would approve of or do himself. Usually, said action is done to escalate, diffuse, or distribute violence in wholly awesome fashion.
So, after I killed the dictator of Kurdmakistan, I then took out a local Kurdmakistan woman, with her fully aware of my intentions to stabe the shit out of her hole. OR. During the bar brawl, Sandoval stabed an entire group of militant hipster Vespa riders.
by Detective John Munch January 2, 2010
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when reading a paragraph and you pronounce stabbed wrong, and the person next to you wont stop laughing.
by brenda4375t87t9 December 13, 2010
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I was shocked by that horrible stabing! I won't sleep tonight.
by CheapAlert December 6, 2003
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