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Steaven is your average nice, insightful, caring, and compassionate family friendly stalker. You will most likely find Steaven outside Victoria's window. Steaven likes to collect Victoria's hair, watch her sleep, and write her love notes. He also has a collection of freshly conditioned Victoria hair. But always remember Steaven will never harm you unless provoked like a bee. Do not be alarmed if you see Steaven outside of Victoria's window singing songs. Calling the cops will only make it worse, Steaven can never be caught. Steaven is also featured in the song "Steaven Stalks Her" by Ella.
Ella: Who is that guy outside your window?
Victoria: Oh that's just Steaven, he's always here
by vickySadams August 09, 2018
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One fat fag lmao.
β€œYaOh, Steaven.”
β€œWhat is up me diggity doggity snoop frogitty here-come-dat boi.”
by metaphoricalhoe June 10, 2018
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