A term of solidarity in the African-American community. To not sell out to Caucasian, or non-Black cultures way of life.
When my brother heard that I would be attending Harvard next year, he cautioned me to Stay Black.
by Dan August 13, 2003
Stay black” is a term of solidarty and endearment that African-Americans use to mean “take care of yourself.” It stems from the phrase “all I have to do is stay black and die” and is synonymous with “stay up.”

The same sentiment of ‘stay black’ can be expressed with the black power fist ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 or the Wakanda forever sign 🙅🏾 ♀️🙅🏿 ♀️🙅🏽 ♀️
“Hey Nino, you have to see Black Panther this weekend!”
“All I gotta do is stay black and die.”

“Hey Natasha, you leaving the family cookout already?”
“Yeah, I have to take these plates to Bruce Bruce and them but y’all stay black, ya hear?”
by NinaEverlast June 2, 2018
marginally racial slurs combined as a phrase used when leaving a place; normally spoken by a person confident enough to know that the ONLY bigotry that makes him its bitch, is the bigotry he allows to himself.
"We need to kick it again soon, bruh."

"Fa sho! I'ma bounce whoadie; stay black, white on!"
by Diedrick May 15, 2007