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A term of solidarity in the African-American community. To not sell out to Caucasian, or non-Black cultures way of life.
When my brother heard that I would be attending Harvard next year, he cautioned me to Stay Black.
by Dan August 12, 2003
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Stay black” is a term of solidarty and endearment that African-Americans use to mean “take care of yourself.” It stems from the phrase “all I have to do is stay black and die” and is synonymous with “stay up.”

The same sentiment of ‘stay black’ can be expressed with the black power fist ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 or the Wakanda forever sign 🙅🏾 ♀️🙅🏿 ♀️🙅🏽 ♀️
“Hey Nino, you have to see Black Panther this weekend!”
“All I gotta do is stay black and die.”

“Hey Natasha, you leaving the family cookout already?”
“Yeah, I have to take these plates to Bruce Bruce and them but y’all stay black, ya hear?”
by NinaEverlast June 12, 2018
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