Gettin' pulled over by a statey is bad enough, but you're screwed if it's a short woman statey with something to prove.
by TerminalSaint April 11, 2004
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I was doing 153 mph past a statey and he didn’t go after me
by 廾几卞尺呂尺乍乍几 March 12, 2022
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A term used in much of Massachusetts to refer to a Massachusetts State Trooper.
Passenger: "Hey you gotta Statey on your tail"
Driver: "That's not a ... God Damnit!!!"
by BradenWC May 26, 2006
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A name used by up-themselves private school kids when they are referring to somebody who goes to a state school, usually implying that they are scum, when most likley they are the more scumy one, and, also used when trying to cover the fact that the private school they attend is even more crap then the state school of the person they are attempting to insult.
Private school attendee - "Stay away from me you stateys!"
Half decent Private school attendee - "Dude, their school is still better than ours"
by xsoap May 20, 2008
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Northeast PA slang for a Pennsylvania State Trooper, or State Police patrol car.
*State police cruisers flying past you, sirens blazing*

Here come the stateys.
by Hugh December 31, 2004
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common term used by teenagers to say state police or state trooper
i got busted for drugs by a fuckin statey last night
by hootie February 7, 2005
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A statey is the appropriate name given to a single state school student amongst friends who all attend a private school. The name statey originated on an island off the East Australian Coastline called Stradbroke Island after the group of private school students and single state school student had consumed ridiculous amounts of xxxx bitter and became quite unruly and disorderly.
"Hi there my name's statey"
"Why are you called statey?"
"Because I go to a state school and my friends all go to a private school, ya big dickhead"
"Oh, wicked"
by Statey November 15, 2007
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