Denonym that refers to people from the United States of America, more specifically citizens.
The people of the United States are both Staters and Americans, since the U.S. is a part of America.

Many languages have a distinct recognition between people from America and people from the United States; in English, the former are called Americans and the later are called Staters.
by ThatEnglishTeacher June 28, 2018
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Short for "stan hater" ; a person who hates on stans and stan culture.
by ChickenScrxtch82 February 08, 2021
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Slang for a State Patrol vehicle.
John: "Don't speed man, a stater is behind us!"
by RicerMiata December 31, 2016
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A person who states the obvious. So rather than let the subject on everyones mind go, he or she must "state it." Stating, the result of being a stater, is annoying. The stater doesnt really want to be the person to be quiet, rather the stater wants to point out the obvious hoping to get some attention.

Optimistically, it can be a friendly reminder for his or her friends. (see example)
Depending on the situation, a stater can either be a good or bad.
Originated from the word hater.
Malvchild: Yo man, your girl totally has a moustache.

Garry: Way to be a stater.
by malvchild July 01, 2010
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stater, its like a super/stalker fan, but a stalker/super hater
also a verb: a state
Tommy: I am A dream stater
toby: same lol
by KingOfJaz February 09, 2021
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Grocery store owned by Jack Brown. The gayest place on earth. Don't ever work here because you will regret and hate it.
Bob: Hey I got hired at Stater Bros today!
Bill: Ahh, man you're fucked!
by +Bob O+ April 17, 2006
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The Free State Project (or FSP) is a group of individuals who make the decision to move to different areas around New Hampshire for "liberty in their lifetime" They come from all over the United States. Though they all desire personal freedom, they all have different means of reaching it. Their are Libertarians, Anarchists, Voluntaryists, Ron Paul Republicans, and the list goes on. Some prefer to not even have a label. Many try to change laws through protests, some through the courts systems. Others more blatantly, such as last year's 4:20 rallies. No one person shares the exact same opinions and/or goals, but they all respect one another and work towards their personal freedom.
I see those Free Staters all the time with their signs marching through the streets!
by LibertyInOurLifetime October 25, 2010
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