slang for the borough of Staten Island in NYC, making reference to the high population of Italian citizens living there.
"Vinny crashed his IROC on Rte 440 in Staten Italy on his way to Gina's"
by Pbo July 14, 2005
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n. nickname for Staten Island, New York; most often used by white, South Shore (thus, Italian) residents who like to think that the island is "theirs."

Note the literal dumbness of the term; it tells you a lot about its provenance.
Yo, "home boy," this pizzeria don't do business with people like you. Go back to Bed-Haven or Mott-Stuy, o' whe'eva, and stay the fuck outta Staten Italy. Don't wanna see yas gettin in trouble, aright?
by GGG man March 21, 2007
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Little Italy neighborhoods in Staten Island. I don't know what that one racist cat is talking about. First of all, Italians aren't white at all. Most of us, especially Southern Italians, are dark-skinned. I am actually brown-skinned. We have been lynched (actually, we were the second most lynched group in the South, next to blacks), discriminated against, and shit on by WASPs and whiteboys every since we came to this country. My grandfather couldn't get into college because they had a quota for Italians, Jews, and Blacks. Italians have faced hardships and racism. Hell, you wont believe how many times I've been called "dago", "wop", or "goombah" in my life. So fuck you. Also, most of us are accepting of all different people of all different backgrounds. I got black, Irish, and Puerto Rican friends as well as Italian friends. Anyone who is a good person is alright with me.
"That asshole was badmouthing guineas in Staten Italy and Brooklyn. Fuck him and anyone who is racist against any group."
by Callmarcus October 29, 2007
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