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In terms of online gaming, some one that cares to much about there stats as to try to "pwn" all the "n00bs"
"THat JimJim09 guy keeps slaughtering me..."
"Yea, he keeps bragging about his scores. He is such a stat whore"
by KnightmrInArmr November 03, 2004
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In gaming (mainly Counter-strike) when someone is so concerned about their score, they reconnect/rejoin everytime they get killed.
noob stat whore keeps reconnecting
by that one guy! April 24, 2006
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1. A whore, but pertaining to stats. Dissimilar to a whore, which is connotative to sex.

2. Specifically in Battlefield 2, these are people who live for stats and for stats only. Unlike other regular players, statwhores typically have no interest in gaining skill. All they want to do is to raise their stats so they can feel impressive, or to ascend to a higher rank.
Interests of statwhores include stats, tanks, stats, C4, stats, blackhawks, stats, unlockable weapons and any other device which can kill another player with little to no skill.
It is said that statwhores enjoy masturbating to their own stats or's stats. Their homepage for internet explorer and/or firefox is likely to be

3. One who may be seen with a tattoo that contain their stats, somewhere on their left ass cheek.
player1 (T-90) player2
player1 (T-90) player3
player1 (T-90) player2
player1 (T-90) player4

player2: omFg player1 is spawn camping
player3: l0l wat a statwhore
by GI48 February 24, 2006
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A sports fan that judges players and teams based on statistics, and just doesn't look at the whole picture. It's usually the kind of person who thinks Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning are overrated, and Phillip Rivers is the best quarterback ever, yet are baffled why Rivers doesn't have a championship. These are the same people who think Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball ever, but can't seem to explain why the Lakers were so bad without Phil Jackson as coach.

Some have controversial theories about sports teams based on stats, yet fail to ignore basic things like the win-loss column, among other things, or the competency of a coach.
Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Chauncey Billups all consistently lead their teams to winning seasons and championships, yet the stat whore still thought they were all overrated.
by Jay Samson August 31, 2009
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A player who will do anything to increase their stats in a video game. These players have big egos and base their whole sense of self-worth on their stats in their favourite video game. These players are almost always Try-Hards.
Player #1: That guy wants me to help him boost. I don't wanna get called a noob for boosting.
Player #2: Yeah, he's such a Stat-Whore. I can't believe he cares that much about his stats.
by SpamDragon July 13, 2014
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