Similar to a glare or a stink eye.

Sometimes intended to make someone feel uncomfortable.

It's a rude action.
I couldn't find my hair tie so I went to the athletic training room to get some pre-wrap. Unfortunately, Ms. Bergin was teaching a class there. As I walked in, she stopped talking and stared me down as she didn't like me walking in. To confirm this, she repeated her words as if I was a huge disruption and slammed the door shut behind me.

She performed a stare down to show her displeasure of a person walking through her class.
by BlingBerry January 12, 2017
When a man sees a woman and looks her from head to toe, usually stopping around the chest or rear end longest, the face being looked at the least. The stare down ends when the man smiles at the girl.
My gosh, Karen, that creeper just gave me the stare down.
by heytherehottbaby October 8, 2007
When you take a massive shit shaped like a submarine. It's so big that you invite anyone in the area to take a look.
"Hey Honey, come quick, I've got a Submarine Stare Down for you to check out in the toilet bowl."
by willie weewee September 10, 2019
When one takes a gander at their peep hole during orgasm to shoot their baby batter into their eyes, for enjoyment of course.
"Hey did you here Mark was caught staring down the barrel last night at the sleepover"
"Yea, Calvin did that a week ago and got pink eye"
by WawaBings November 29, 2017
When your a black women in public and you see another black women and you try to smile and be nice. But all they do is give you an evil rude stare or they will look you up and down and then just stare at you.
I was in the grocery store today and i saw another black women there. When i tried to be nice and smile all she did was look me up and down and stare. What a case of
BGSD ( Black Girl Stare Down) .
by Presidential Jay st@r2 June 9, 2010
When you take a gander at your peep hole at the moment of ejaculation, as to shoot your baby batter into your eyes, for pleasure of course.
"Did you hear? Mark was caught staring down the barrel at the sleepover last night?"
"Yeah, Calvin did that last week and got pink eye"
by WawaBings November 29, 2017
Type of facial expression one is born with
Male equivalent to resting bitch-face
Guys who rock this type of look are hot as fuck but don’t do it voluntarily

Usually very serious and intelligent guys
girl: why do you always look incredibly mad and sad at the same time?
guy: do you have something against my mother? I was born with this, it’s a stare-down look
by k4mpfm45chine November 20, 2021