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Similar to a glare or a stink eye.

Sometimes intended to make someone feel uncomfortable.

It's a rude action.
I couldn't find my hair tie so I went to the athletic training room to get some pre-wrap. Unfortunately, Ms. Bergin was teaching a class there. As I walked in, she stopped talking and stared me down as she didn't like me walking in. To confirm this, she repeated her words as if I was a huge disruption and slammed the door shut behind me.

She performed a stare down to show her displeasure of a person walking through her class.
by BlingBerry January 11, 2017
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A situation in which 2 conflicting individuals are looking into eachothers eyes, waiting for the enimy to make the first move, till one cant anymore so they blink or look away...
They were locked in a heated stare down waiting for eachother to fight or flee.
by Batterybob May 14, 2019
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When a man sees a woman and looks her from head to toe, usually stopping around the chest or rear end longest, the face being looked at the least. The stare down ends when the man smiles at the girl.
My gosh, Karen, that creeper just gave me the stare down.
by heytherehottbaby October 07, 2007
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