A collection of films and TV series that follow the exploits of humans in the future as they knock around space in starships designed by the same fella as the ford escort.
The original Star trek series wasn't highly thought of in its time, but did at least try, although it did have a cowboys in space feel to it.
Following the starship Enterprise on their mission to boldly go where no man has been before, they discovered aliens, intelligent gas clouds, new bars and the womens toilet. Captain Kirk often tried harder than anyone else to go where no man had been before by trying to get it on with alien women. He certainly crossed the line that few men had crossed before, interspecies sex. Sometimes called beastiality, its a crime in most current countries. Still, it didn't deter him, I might point out that monkeys and apes are also humanoid, who knows what he did on shore leave? and if he wasn't trying to shag it, he was usually shooting at it. Still, it was a laugh.
After that it all got a bit dodgy. In the films and later series people still tried to get jiggy with anything bipedal, but also started spreading their dubious social ethic to what ever poor species was unable to defend it self, and sometimes going to war if they said "hang on here, we've been quite happy without this crap for the last 3 billion years, don't come round here with your shit, sod off". There is more intergration of aliens into the crew, but only if they are good, complient alien. God help anyone who questions the federations ideas.
PLot lines were generally terrible, and often involved inventing an new fundamental particle in last five minutes to get out of trouble. This is on a par with the "it was all a dream" type ending that children sometimes use when they can't be arsed to finish their homework, and generally caused much head shaking in the real sci-fi community. The shows have not helped sci-fi's image much at all.
Star trek-
Picard: "Riker, pull out of that chimp and get to the bridge immediatly, we need to invent a sciency sounding particle to get out of this giant space borne hummingbirds arse"
Riker: "Aye Captain"
Chimp: "Oooooooooook ahhhhh"
by WingusDingus May 01, 2007
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A sadly maligned tv series, 'The Original Series' was cancelled because it was very bad but was later resurrected with the god-like series 'The Next Generation', 'Deep Space Nine' and 'Enterprise' A cheap knock-off called 'Voyager' also exists.
'Star Trek' the best Sci-Fi TV show ever!
by Ash_K March 21, 2004
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1. A lifestyle for people who didn't get out enough to join a real cult. Involves reading "technical manuals", obsessing about minute details of trivia, and attending conventions where 90% of the people are wearing spandex.

2. One of several shows that feature spandex-wearing people from "the future". Characterized by total lack of plot, total lack of acting ability by leads, terrible dialogue, "alien" races with identical-to-human behaviors and norms, a tendency to always be on one of UPN, Sci-Fi, TNN, or WB late=nights, and complete overuse of the "ass-shot" (a camera shot where the actor is zoomed in or out on using the ass as a focal point).

3. Starting point of Willaim Shattner's career.
1. I drove past a Star-Trek convention the other day and swore I'd become a Branch-Dividian before I ever did that shit.

2. I was watching UPN at 3 am when Star-Trek came on, but I wound up watching the Home-Shopping Network, because at least they have decent cinematography.

3. Willaim Shattner was on Star-Trek? You mean that guy who does spoken versions of rap songs?
by Al October 14, 2003
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The universe in which TOS, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise inhabit.
It is a universe very much centered on social rather than scientific possibilities, due to various budget constraints it could not portray very many non-humanoid lifeforms that weren't energy beings. It attempts to seem scientifically sophisticated via copious amounts of technobabble that has only a tenuous link to theoretical concepts of today. It's spacecraft suffer the same problems as Star Wars, having low range weapons of poor firepower. Kinetic weapons are few and far between despite being superior in almost every way to phasers, and as in Star Wars, melee weapons larger than a knife make a mysterious return. The human political system is more akin to a socialist dictatorship than a free and fair society, and one can only hope that the Borg (Who would have their asses kicked by 21st century armies, btw) will assimilate them all and end the entire melodrama.
Star Trek is a vision of an alternate future where brains where bred out of humanity.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
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Worst TV shows and movies ever! Star Wars and Lord of the Rings kick the living crap out of it. Remember you are either a loser Trekie who give nerds a bad name or a Star Wars fan, cool and loved.
MR. Him: We'll be watching Star Trek in class today.
Me: I'm sorry, it's against my every princples.
MR. Him: `Eowyn, you dang Star Wars fan.
by Darth_`Eowyn September 16, 2006
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A show that, despite it's long history and fame, is to this day viewed only by obese homosexual stamp-collecting faggots, who at best might make love to a microwaved bagel. A popular debate topic as of now is how William Shatner ever found work or intercourse after his time on the show.
Me and my friends plan to go to my house and play Pokemon and watch Startrek- just not too late cuz my bedtime is 5:30.
by Clint March 17, 2005
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Our son is watching Star Trek instead of Star Wars, let's kill him!
by Broke Vancouverite July 05, 2016
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