A magical place where the streets are paved in gold. The anhydrous wagons fill themselves. Nothing will ever be as good as it is in Star City. The current Mayor is D.P. Located just north of Monticello and south of heaven.
I've never done that before, but in Star City, we did it this way.

Well, in Star City....
by nCc July 18, 2012
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Roanoke, VA. Home of the largest man made star. Everyone from this mid-sized city loves it and hates it because there is nothing to do but commit crimes and smoke marijuana.
Duh, the largest man made star IN THE WORLD! ! ! Why not call it Star City.
by Sy Midas January 16, 2009
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Harrisburg,pa. reffered as Star City because it being the capital of pennsylvania aka Pistolvania
Tyrone: im livn in the capital of Pennsylvania.
Mike: u movin to Star city, theres gangstaz there, dont get robbed.
by Bobboo October 25, 2006
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1.That place a person goes to when they blackout or pass out.
2.That place you go to when you’re high, drunk or on drugs.
3.That place you send someone to when you knock them out.
4.Code name for your next stop.
5.A large ass party in the middle of no where.
1.Looks like that party slut took the couch for a spin to star city.
2.All I know is I had a bad day and I need to take trip to star city tonight.
3.Light it up man I have an appointment in star city.
4.Hey what we taken to get to star city tonight.
5.Bitch I got your one way ticket to star city right here if you do shut the fuck up!
6.Its star city for you bitch step outside.
7.Hey bro you goin with me to star city right?
8.Hey you know how to get to the star city right?
9.So how was star city?
by Adrian J. Aramillo April 24, 2007
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Also called magic city

It's from Vinton to Virginia Beach
Molly only told me he lives in star city don't know where at
by 459395 May 13, 2023
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