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Stanksgiving is the act of digesting and giving back the food one consumes after a large thanksgiving meal, in the bathroom. As this is one of the largest meals most individual's digestive systems will be presented in a given year, and often several multiples beyond what is normally demanded by an individual's average food-load, the overtaxed digestive processes do their best to accommodate, producing variable amounts of methane and solid matter in large abundance. The result is a truly offensive olfactory symphony, likely to startle the entire household regardless of size and location of restroom. The manufacturer of Stanksgiving often finds the aroma just as putrid as the remainder of the house guests, and can often be seen quickly and covertly exiting the restroom. If caught, the host of the Stanksgiving will likely lie profusely in attempt to skirt association with the event, and only in most rare circumstance, take ownership of said circumstance.
Vin: Man, I haven't eating like this in a year, I am stuffed beyond belief. I ate things I haven't eaten since I was a kid.

Steve: Looks like your Stanksgiving will be a thing of legend this year.
by Vennisonian November 20, 2012
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