function: adjective
etymology: SouthEastern United States; contemptuous word for a woman of low moral character and hygiene

usually disparaging: 1)a malodorous woman indiscriminently engaging in sexual intercourse of all kinds with multiple partners.
2)A woman who neglects proplerly cleaning her vagina prior to sexual intercourse
3)A woman with a foul mouth and bad attitude.

(a) Amber was a real stank hoe lastnight. She was banging Johnny in the club, ditched him and went home with Larry, and didn't even shower before coming to church this morning!
(b) Did you smell that funky bitch!?! That stank hoe needs to take a bath.
(c) Oh, NO-SHE-DID-NOT!!! That stank hoe did not just say that to me!
by byron225 August 25, 2006
Its about the same as Crusty Bitch but it is still moist. Its much like a sponge.
It comes from being a hoe for to long. You cant change it unless you take a bath.
You Stank Hoe. go take a bath i can smell you from here. if your not a Stank Hoe

take a bath. Stank Hoe
mother:come on Timmy we have to take the groceries home.
timmy:look mom theres a STANK HOE.
mother:watch your mouth dont talk to strangers like that............never mind hurry.
STANK HOE:come here baby.
timmy: 0_0 (0-0)__#+==@!%$#


_ /\_
StankHoe:fine ok i dont care gosh

police:put your hands up
Stank Hoe:*runs faster* hehehehehehehe bitch heheheheh

non of these names belong to anyone of my freinds sorry if i offended you.
by Musty Carrot November 30, 2020
Girls whose pussy’s stink and have a fishy aroma that goes around the hole mother fing school and it burns my noses hairs
Stank hoe girls at my school
by Fïžž May 22, 2019
When a tinder Rooney hit you up on tinder
Her: hey
Me: hey you 😉😉😉 what dem stank hoes do
by ilovecloudgod January 21, 2021
A dirty, disease-ridden slut.
Sandy is a stank ass hoe.
by Travman December 3, 2002
1. Girl that has sex with many guys

2.female that is loose on the booty

3.female that does not wash he booty often causing it to reek
4.female only used for sex
Omg! Caitlyn Elizabeth Fox is such a stank ass hoe sleeping with all these other girls boyfriends!
by Realassshitnigga March 11, 2016