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An amazing friend, who is athletic, kind, funny, and most of all loyal. Stamatis is very kind and always takes into consideration what other people’s opinions are. He loves sports and is determined to be the best and have fun at the same time. He is very cute and has all the girls falling for him, but there is one girl he is loyal to and will love her forever. Stamatis is overall an amazing person!
Stamatis is so cute, but he only likes one girl.
by #Stantonia April 24, 2019
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the opposite of every definition except the gimli one and hes the kinda guy to steal someones kidneys so theyll play a game he likes
by I hate concerts May 15, 2021
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He is a loyal person who only loves one girl. Her name is Eve (a.k.a the perfect girl)
Look how loyal stamatis is to eve
by BananamanGR October 22, 2019
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