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The game that most chicks like to play between Cityville and Castleville. Answering Messages, chating, or generally flirting with guys that like them.
He: Have you been playing Stalkerville again today?
She: Piss off... the guy isn't a stalker...Ya, we have been sending messages...
by Stillsmokinone February 09, 2012
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The entire stalking aspect of facebook.
Getting repeated messages from someone who you keep trying to ditch in real life.

Have you been on Stalkerville today?

Yes, the stalker has messaged me again...
by stilllsmokinone March 04, 2012
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An area or place where people regularly 'stalk' or 'study' you.
They keep spying on us and even worse following us everywhere we go - it's kind of creepy living round here. To be honest we think they're all a few crumbs short of a biscuit. The area should be renamed Stalkerville!
by Katski Le Fey June 01, 2016
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