Know what some one is doing,
when there home,
where they are,
But its not full out stalking so its stalkerish
by Allie S. September 8, 2008
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the new and "improved" facebook
This is the stalkerish welcome we all get when we log into facebook now!
Welcome NAME HERE!
News Feed
Sarah _____ and Megan _ changed their profile pictures. 9:41pm
Updated: 5 of your friends joined the group Students against Facebook News Feed (Official Petition to Facebook). 9:01pm
Ryan ___ wrote a new note. 2:49pm
Poopy Dumptruck Weeny
So, now everyone has the phrase "Poopy dumptruck weeny" on their "News Feed". Congrats. Enjoy it while you can.
Continue reading...Stephanie Krumm added new photos. 2:29pm
Updated: 63 of your friends joined the group RIP STEVE IRWIN. 2:09pm
Michelle ________ posted on Brett _________'s wall. 11:29am
do you like how facebook stalks you now? See Wall-to-Wall.
Updated: Ashley _______ and Sarah _________ joined the group I HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK (Stalker) LAYOUT. 11:09am Ryan ___ wrote a new note. 10:49am
Facebook to come...
My last note entitled "Poopy Dumptruck Weeny" has inspired me. For those of you who check Facebook regularly, are probably shocked and most likely upset with the new changes that have been made to this site of networking.
Continue reading...
Jason ________ and Samantha ______ are now friends. 7:55am
Nicole _______, Coty _______ and Nicole ________ joined the group This new facebook shit is unnecessary. 6:00am
Facebook © 2006
by HillaryAnne September 7, 2006
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To take a stranger, as beautiful as she may be, and immortalize her on ones' body in ink.
I think Glitch, a Suicide Girl, is gorgeous. She also seems to be smart and portrays a sense of individuality that most beautiful women do not.

I say she seems to have those wonderful qualities because I've never met her. The only communication I've had with her is through my computer screen.

So in conclusion, I'm going to get a full back tattoo of her face. My friends say the decision is stalkerish, but have never met me in person either. I think I'm going to unsubscribe them from my twitter now.
by Bepidemic February 18, 2010
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Can be used when defining a certain creepy behaviour by someone of the opposite sex (or even same sex)
That dude is getting all stalkerish on me.
by rugbychick February 25, 2005
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If someone seems to be doing a little bit of stalker activity but isn't quite a stalker

maybe they keep on at you or bothering you in some way or maybe just done something thats a little strange
he keeps texting me.... arrgghh

wow... that's a lot from one person... that's rather stalkerish.....

god dammit its her again - leave me alone!!!
by ooosh! February 6, 2014
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someone who is always around, you always run into them
stace: hey didnt we just see that guy at the store? didnt he try to talk to you last year?

lex : yes he is stalkerish, always around out of nowhere
by argentinagirl83 March 24, 2011
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to do and have stalker qualities, especially when stalking miss stefanie.
Brian has stalkerish qualities.
by lionofdisouth September 27, 2009
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