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St. Pauls is a small independent private school in brooklandville md. this school has a good academic reputation but even the teachers know their classes are jokes. Most of the kids drive luxery vehicles and live in mansions. Lacrosse is life here.they are very talented every year even tho the kids on the team are the biggest partyers at the school. If you actually play on the varsity team you most definately fuck. These kids are untouchable. Social scenes simething special. going to a house party every weekend trying to pork some private school sloot. basically they party harder then colleges with the amount of alcohol consumed and drugs done. when spring comes theirs a darty everyweekend.everyone knows Sp is full of frat stars (dont let gilman kids tell you different) that hang with the hottest chicks and and other schools know not to fuck with the cruzies or they will seriously fuck u up. Sp kids blackout every weekend waking up and realizing all the shit they did. Then lie to their parents trying to fix the shit they did all morning. After they figure out what happend the previous night they will head over to towson hot bagel to cure their hangover and meet up with other kids asking about their night.drugs are a big part of the community. everyone is on something. all in all sounds like a wonderful place to have a extra 4 years of college.
Gilman kid 1: yo you wanna go to that st. pauls school party they hang with the hottest chicks
Gilam kid 2: nah bro they will fight us and im inbetween lawyers right now, lets just go home and jerk eachother off?
Gilman kid 1: thought ud never ask!!!!
by geebdeleter69420 July 23, 2018
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An elite, prestigious, and renowned American boarding school located in Concord, New Hampshire. Along with sister schools Exeter and Andover, it has produced many of the country's leading businessmen, politicians, and philanthropists including Senator John F. Kerry, William Randolph Hearst, and various members of the Vanderbilt, Astor, and Kennedy families. The school prides itself on academic achievement and tradition, sending a large proportion of its graduates to Ivy League universities. Admission to St. Paul's is very competitive, with the School only accepting between 15 and 22 percent of applicants per year.
"You go to St. Paul's School?"
by Bollocks2u August 04, 2008
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St. Paul's School is an independent K-12 college-preparatory school in Brooklandville, Maryland (a suburb of Baltimore), located on a 64-acre rural campus in the Green Spring Valley, about ten miles north of the city of Baltimore. St. Paul's was founded in 1849 at Old St. Paul's Parish in Baltimore City by Reverend William Edward Wyatt. Throughout its history, St. Paul's has moved its campus five times, finally at the current grounds in Brooklandville. The focal point building on the Brooklandville campus is Brooklandwood, a mansion built in 1793 by Charles Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.

Today, St. Paul's is co-ed through the fourth grade, but all-male from fifth through twelfth grade. However, its all-girls sister school St. Paul's School for Girls is located on an adjacent campus, with the schools sharing in some foreign language and certain elective classes.
St. Paul's School
by St. Paul's Crusader August 25, 2010
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