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The professors are the most knowledgeable, down-to-earth people I have ever met. College professors are different than high-school teachers; professors are interested in you, you as a person. Not only this but they are all willing to help, they want the best for your education, and focus more on how much you can learn instead of the grade they have to give. The man in charge of the Honors Program, Dr. Foreman, has a heart merely to listen to his students, and spread his knowledge to them, and makes sure to leave his door open to any student who needs to talk. The students and professors here are sincerely the greatest are slowly shaping me and my entire education into the person I always pictured myself being.
Where is St. John's University?

by gerby845 November 18, 2012
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A school that will accept anyone who is willing to pay the high tuition and or is fortunate enough to pay out of pocket without one of their generous scholarships that 90% of the student body is on. A school, which tries to act like a University but, in the end, they really are an average college in Queens pumped up on steroids. At the most random places throughout the campus, there will be Indians bowing down on the floor as if they are visually seeing Christ’s body. People on campus think it is normal to be have a Redneck, African American, Asian, and Indian sit at a lunch table together and be friends. Coming to class slightly sweaty in a t-shirt and workout pants is considered classy. The only place in all of NYC were wearing all red does not signify that you are part of the Bloods. Completely possible to not show up to class in a 50-person classroom and just come in on the last day of class to take the final and end up passing the course when class participations consist of 25% of the overall grade. Every student thinks they must be part of an organization that is related to their major or they will never land a job after graduation. Students are amazed at how spectacular the DAC is, when in reality, it is a giant building that is 2 years old, with white slate floors that have already turned completely black due to the cleaning service only cleaning once per week.
"Where do you go to school Jonny?" "St. John's University!" "That sucks, try not to get blown up, they got terrorists over there!"
by SJU class of 2012 January 02, 2012
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Institution that is brought down by idiots who think just because this university is not Ivy League it must be easy, and when they don't get good grades they blame it on the teachers, or how expensive it is, or whatever else they can come up with. I've seen complete idiots and some of the smartest people I know in this school (and I have friends in Ivy Leagues and "better" schools than this one).

One of the most diverse schools in the nation, ethnic and personality wise. There are schools with great ehtnic diversity, but they all happen to be the same uptight assholes (Georgetown, ajem ajem). There are assholes here too, but they must be 5% of the total population. You can find all kinds of personalities here, and I love that. Fine education, for those who know how to use it (no it won't be handed down to you on a silver platter, work for it lazy ass), and great basketball and soccer teams.

It's in Queens, an hour away from Manhattan. Not a bad location, specially if the city is too much for you.

I happen to think rankings are crap, but for those who care:
-Top 10 for Most Competitive Law School Students (Princeton review)
-Best Northeastern Colleges (Princeton review)
-Top 100 Law Schools (US News & Worlds Report)
-Top 100 Graduate Schools in Education (US News & Worlds Report)
-Standard and Poor's consistently ranks St. John's University graduates among the top universities in the nation with alumni who hold executive positions at Fortune 500 companies
by manu777 October 17, 2007
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