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St. John's Prep, located in Danvers, Massachusetts is an all boys private high school. Started by the Xaverian Brothers, the Prep is well known due to its powerhouse athletics, difficult academic workload, and beautiful campus. Typically, graduates attend big name universities around the country. The Prep is modeled after Boston College, a school where many Prep grads apply and attend after graduation.

Students of the Prep typically come from very wealthy families of the North Shore of Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. The student parking lot includes dozens of wealthy vehicle marques and students are typically adorned in their extremely preppy attire including Polo or Tommy Hilfiger. The boys of the Prep are the crème of the crop and many of the girls in the local area want a "Prep Boy" to bring home to Mom and Dad.

St. John's breeds the best and brightest. It turns ordinary boys into leaders and gentlemen. People know when they meet a Prep boy because of his class and dignity as well as their outstanding respect and distinctive mannerisms.

Without a doubt the Prep is the best school for boys the world throughout. There is no finer school that will provide the depth and precision of an education while transforming an ordinary boy into a world class gentleman.
"Where do you go to high school, young man?"
"I go to St. John's Prep..."
"Well allow me to introduce you to my daughter!"
by EAGLE123 December 03, 2006
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A high school located in Astoria, Queens. This school is affiliated with St. John's University and the students are all from different parts of the city. Many ethnic groups go to the school: Greeks, Italians, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Poles, and Asians. The school's academic system consists of four different levels. The level you get put in is determined by your 8th grade average and a special placement test. Each level has a diffferent difficulty. Level 1-Remedial, Level 2-Average, Level 3-Regents, and Level 4-Honors.

Most of the students are in level 2. However, the next highest people are in level 1. Usually, there's only 1 or 2 Honors and Regents classes per year. Most of the teachers at the school are pretty good instructors. Some of them have even been there for 20 years or more.

Despite the fact that the school is very good for high academic achievers, there's the social problems of the school. Sadly, many of the students are rap-loving imbeciles who will make fun of you if you're intelligent or if they consider you a nerd. Infact, some of them pick on other students for no real reason at all. Many of the sensible students are in Honors and Regents. Not too many are in the levels below.

There is also the problem of fights. This year, there were over 4 fights in the Freshman year alone. There have also been two freshmen expelled.

Despite all this, the school is still pretty good.
*The Ditmars Blvd. station in Astoria.*

Chris: Hey, that kid is wearing navy blue pants and a white shirt. He must go to St. John's Prep.

Jimmy: I hear that school's pretty good. I might send my son there.
by King of Inland June 06, 2007
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1.)Private prep school in Danvers, Massachussetts.
2.)Known as "The Prep" locally.
3.)Best school ever.
1.)St. John's Prep was founded in 1907.
2.)Student 1: Dude, you go to the Prep?
Student 2: Yeah.
Student 1: You must be really smart.
by Sarandos November 27, 2005
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An extremely large school in Danvers MA. It has the best sports around and the best academics. Mostly all the sophomores and juniors smoke weed. Also, many people like to dis the prep because it is an all-boys school. Surprisingly, most of the guys there are not gay and actually have girl friends. Lets not forget St. Johns dances are the best..well sometimes
A conversation at St. Johns Prep
A: You gay?
B: No, you?
A: No, you smoke pot?
B: Yep, you?
B: sweet
by Jerry cuome buckets November 08, 2009
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An all boys, Xaverian brothers sponsored high school in Danvers MA. Basically the best place on earth, as you get a grat education, meet some good friends, and watch some excellent all around high school athletics. Everyone knows our dances (especially girls) - they are the place to be if you are under 15 and dont know how to talk to girls. during the day, its a straight up brodeo. the prep is awesome
"Mike just graduated from St. John's Prep"
"Oh yeah. hes the man!"

Prep student's boss "where do you go to high school, son?"
Prep student "St. John's Prep"
Prep student's boss "Well why the hell didn't you say so? let me introduce you to my daughter..."
by undercovereagle10 July 10, 2009
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A bunch of pussies that lose to Xaverian in sports year after year. Also they even have a tough time beating lower-tier MIAA teams.
It's too bad Mariann, I just don't think St. Johns Prep has what it takes to beat even Waltham this year.
by Erik787 May 22, 2011
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