Here at St. Gertrude's we are proud of our plaid skirts, class colors, the perfect brown lace up shoes and of course, our prostitution skills. A good 90% of the student body was rejected from one of the finer prep schools in the city (namely Collegiate or St. Catherines) and the other 10% didn't even bother to apply. There is one thing for sure, the entire 100% has some form of VD. But when we aren't busy dealing with our "strenuous" academics we're usually spotted outside our brother school, Benedictine, rolling up our skirts and unbuttoning our oxfords. Considering we may be the lowest rank of private school in Richmond we only practice those skills that will be applicable to us in the real world, namely, prostitution. Otherwise our street clothes usually fail to cover our entire body and add the fried hair from straightening, the large hoop earrings from Claires and a good mask of makeup we're ready for our next hookup. That hook up probably being one of the fuglies from Benedictine or maybe we'll chase those foxy preps alittle bit more just to be turned down for one of their kind. Get em drunk enough tho, and they might just have something to do with us; the proud, the few, THE Dirty Gerties.
Dirty Gertie #1: I'm pretty sure I hooked up with someone yesterday, but I never really got a good look at their face.
Dirty Gertie #2: Should we take our weekly trip to Planned Parenthood or stay here and fight over the cookies?
Dirty Gertie #1: We should probably get over to the mall I heard Hollister is having a huge sale, those skirts are usually short enough, but I can always hem them.
Dirty Gertie #1&2: YES NORMAL CLOTHES!
by stay classy January 27, 2005
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Ok, all private school kids are up to their ears in Grover Clevelands (1000 dollar bills). Besides me of course because I'm the guy whos attending on six thousandbucks of financial aid. Anyway, this school is slightly better than the other Richmond Snob School for GIrls: St. Catherine's. St. Catherine's girls are mostly ugly bitches who can only manage to grab a boyfriend among the openly gay St Chrissies. The others go to the finer institutions (Trinity) and are the disgrace of St. Chris. St Gertrudes girls are better. Again, ugly bitches find boyfriends among the JROTC blood thirsty faggots that attend Benedictine School for Rich Defects. However, more are redeemed and find boyfriends elsewhere. Those that are hot are made hotter by the dirty Gertie attire, plaid skirt and Oxford.Still Trinity gets both these schools creme de la creme along with the fine girls attending..
Benedictine: Let's go Cadets! Let's go Cadets!
Trinity: We do your girls! We do your girls!

Ugly Gertie 1: Lets go get our boyfriends!
Ugly Gertie 2: We'll have to get yours dick out of mines ass.
Real Dirty Gertie (creme de la creme): Screw you. I'll go find some guy at Trinity who can do me proper.
Ugly Gertie 1: When Daddy buys me a liposuction, I can go get some there too..
by TrinityGetsItAll February 26, 2005
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Big, nasty, dirty "women" that give lesbians a bad name. Have rightfully earned the moniker "dirty gerties" by attempting to hide their all-encompassing lust for St. Catherine's girls via sucking and fucking their closeted brothers in crime, Benedictine. Wear uniforms that, while not actually heinous by their own merit, manage to make these so-called girls even less attractive. Have terrible problem with making personal hygiene, thus explaining the smell of death surrounding their learning institution. *Note* This definition is in no way supposed to reflect badly on lesbians. To imply that any lesbian would find a Gertie anything but abhorrent would be a great disservice. Ladies, keep up the good work.
Dirty Gertie: I have to wax my back, chest and stomach tonight. Would you care to join me in this hair-removal festival? I know you have some unsightly body hair of your own. I saw it last night when I secretly watched you undress.
Derty Girtie 2: I'd love to, but you know, I made plans to sit in my car outside of St. Catherine's and cry. So, so many tears.
Dirty Gertie: Understandable. Maybe once I have removed said offending body hair I will join you. But only after I service my "boyfriend". I must administer a blumpkin. Oh well, anything to hide my lesbianocity.
Dirty Gertie 2: *sniffle* I was born in a Holiday Inn.
Dirty Gertie: I...love Anne Coulter. *soul dies*
by VerucaSalt January 27, 2005
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st.gertrude's is exactly the same as any other private school in richmond except 4 the fact they got uniforms, other than that they all ugly ass muh fuckaz, rich ass snobby ass 2 cent crackwhores, and they all throw themselves at the brother schools, shut da hellup cuz im da onli 1 aloud 2 talk dis shyt!
Like oh my gosh, i go to like st.gertrudes and i really dont know why i hate those st.catherines girls but it might like umm be because like they're just like us!!
by Trey March 11, 2005
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A school whose sole purpose is to keep all the ugly-ass girls out of public school so guys don't have to look at them.
Dirty Gertie: n., a hoe, slut and/or tramp
by Gertsdirt January 27, 2005
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An institution much like its similar counterpart St. Catherine's infested with young arrogant little snobs. Both Gertrudes and St. Catherines think their girls are the shit.These sorry exscuses for zoos point fingers and make fun of each other but only to be laughed at and mocked by the public school community. These girls sweat the public school boys more then anything. Their need for cock is overwhelming to the usual public school girl since the brother schools of these 2 hell holes (benedictine & St. Chris) are just gay factorys filled with butt sex and HIV. Private shcools HAH.
If u would like to send some hate mail its very welcome.So i can bitch u out some more. I DARE U BITCHES
by PubSchMartyr January 29, 2005
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hahahahhaha! Oh the trials and tribulations of a private schooler. you poor things! i'm really sorry that your all rich. way to go on making yourselves look like idiots! looks like the only kids here that really win are the public schoolers...
PrivateSchooler1: What do you wanna do today?
PrivateSchooler2: I don't know, we could make fun of another private school, or we could pick on the middle class, how about you?
PrivateSchooler1: You don't want to just mind our own business and hang out with friends?
PrivateSchooler2: What? People at private schools do that?
by PublicSchoolersAreBetterPeople February 16, 2005
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