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The sister school of Notre Dame. Known for being hotter than the girls at ND. Even though it has a Catholic affiliation, there's a lot of bad bitches there. Girls that go to Saint Mary's are referred to as "smicks" or "belles." There's a huge misconception that girls come here just because they didn't get into ND. While sometimes true, smicks love their college and their sisters. Oh and they get all the resources of ND for a tiny fraction of the tuition of domers.
ND Boy 1: Hey did you see those Smicks at the game?
ND Boy 2: Yeah man. I wish we had girls like that on our campus.

Smick 1: I love Saint Mary's College!
Smick 2: Belle yeah!
by southbendbs18 January 24, 2018
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A fall back college for girls who can't get into Notre Dame. Ask any SMC girl; they may be proud to go there, but it is not their first choice.
I go to school in Notre Dame. Not at Notre Dame, across the street at Saint Mary's College.
by BummedToBeABelle April 02, 2011
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