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The passage of air through a male's erect penis. The Sqwarf is an amazing phenomenon that only happens seldomly. The sound of a Sqwarf is for the most part identical to that of a Qweef.
RC: Hey br0 guess what!
Tom: What br0?
RC: I was having sex last night and I totally sqwarfed afterwards!
Tom: No way br0!? That's tight!
by TomFromMySpace August 26, 2008
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The expulsion of air through a males erect penis after the act of fornication or masturbation. During intercourse air is sometimes induced through the urethra and once the penis is pulled out of the vagina a gust of air is discharged out of the penis. The sound of a sqwarf closely mimics that of a queef.
Last night when I was having sex with my girlfriend something very strange happened. I pulled my penis out her vagina and what happened next was beyond frightening. A gust of air fired from my penis and it resembled the sound of a queef. Right then and there it occurred to me that this passage of air through my penis was none other than a sqwarf.
by Tom Doc February 19, 2009
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qwarfing (see definition) with an older women, particularly a hot mom.
DUDE her mom is hot. I want to sqwarf with her mofo!
by serioussams June 10, 2010
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