also see Octopus, ink'd, inked.......
(definition) when you let a girl (or guy, I'm not here to judge) give you head in a hot tub, then while they are down there, you have an attack of diarrhea and poo in the hot tub. Essentially inking the hot tub like a squid or octopus does when threatened or startled.
Yeah I was at the hotel with my girlfriend getting freaky in the hot tub, but then I pulled a squid, now she's leaving me for a black guy.
by McMacHack December 11, 2010
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a dance move created by a derby man its fukin nolan
to flap your arms around another person whilst a dancey track is on as if your squid ing
by martz989 September 29, 2009
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Excess skin, inner labia, portuding past the vagina giving it a tentacle look and feel.
So... What did it look like? Was it a peach or a squid?

SQUID! I wanted to pull on them or maybe bite them off.... ehhhh...
by SquidTalker March 27, 2009
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A word used when you go to high five, then pull back before you hit the others hand. you 'squid' away with a wriggly motion. Also used as the same as phsyche or sike usually accompanied by laughter from any audience.

1. Friend 1: "high five!"
fiends 2: -goes to high five, pulls back- "Squid!"

2. Guy: "hey babbbee, whats your digits?"
Girl: "oh here, ill write them on your arm.....SQUUUIIIID!"
by Bringo July 10, 2008
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Someone is the most left out of the group, or is the worst at most of what the group does. Basically, it is a reference to the character "Squid" from the show ROCKET POWER. Anyone who fits that personality description can be referred to as the squid.
"You're such a squid, bro!"
by Sal Montalvo March 02, 2008
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One who lacks athletic ability, or is just awkward in sporting events.
"Look at that guy trying to snowboard. What a squid."
by Jordan Floyd January 27, 2008
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