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Someone who is so excellent at constricting their anus to the extent they have the ability to fart "The Star Spangled Banner" and any other recognizable tune.
Sonny: "How in the Hell does Cindy manage to fart those high notes?"
Fred: "I don't know, but she really stinks. She's quite the Squeeler."
by Chili2 June 11, 2016
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A woman who makes an especially loud and high pitched noise when she orgasms.
I never expected her to be a squeeler, she just went crazy.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
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A man who has renounced all of his man points and respect in consequence to his utter obsession with a girl. The term can also be applied as a verb; to squeel, squeelering. A squeeler is the epitomy of a pussy-whipped pansy and the transition from man to squeeler is often devastating for any former friends of said squeeler.
A: 'Mate, you wanna go for a drink and start some fights?'
B: 'No, I'm waiting for a phonecall from Rachel.'
A: 'Squeeler.'
by jankooo December 11, 2010
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Usually teenage girls (but other people do it too) that scream with a high-pitched sound in appreciation (they go squeeeel).

You can usually hear them in theaters showing Twilight, conserts with the Jonas Brothers and other stuff with similar fanbases.
Dude, I walked past this huge crowd of people around Justin Bieber and it was full of squeelers. I still can't hear properly...
by thelinx March 27, 2010
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An annoying child, with lungs of a banshee whom uses microphone playing video games generally such titles like Call of Duty, Battlefield and World of Warcraft. They usually make all gaming experience annoying and irritating for anyone else in the same server as them. No one knows how many actually exist in the world, but they are usually a filthy mouthed atrocity with no understanding of the english language or the game they are playing.
Voice 1: "And another headshot!"
Squeeler: "AHHHHH!!!! You were hacking, you have had to be hacking, I'm the best, you can't kill me, Hacker, Hacker, Hacker!!!
by Dead_Man June 12, 2012
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A young lady, who let's out a freekishly load sqwolk at the biggining of her laugh! This is only paralleled, by the grunting that ensues. She can easilly be mistaken for your average dizzy blond, (especially after a few shandy's). But do not be fooled, as she has special powers, including hand bag collecting, and talking in toungues. If you are still unsure as to whether you have a squeeler on your hand's. Then simply wait a while, for either a huwbert farnsworth to arive, or the squeeler to let rip with her obligitory catch-phrase of "OHH LUKE NOOOO"
What the f**k was that?
No worries it's just the squeeler!
by Master Pettifor October 26, 2004
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Hot dog wrapped in uncooked bacon and grilled on a barbeque. A toothpick placed through the bacon and hot dog at both ends secures the bacon to the dog. Once the dog and bacon are cooked thoroughly the toothpicks are removed. The dog is then place in a bun with the appropriate fixins. Dig in!
"Move those steaks and let me introduce you to the culinary perfection known as squeelers."
by i got 33! September 06, 2009
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