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Joe "I got in a car accident today man"
Tom"Did they have insurance?"
Tom "What a squant!"

Robert"So man, how was your date last night?"
Josh" Alright, except her glass eye fell out while I was banging her"
by madboxofrox November 29, 2013
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(adj.): The state of being short and rotund. Often implies a high level of fluffiness.
"Aww that fluffy pigeon is so squant. I want to cuddle it."
by supercrooper May 16, 2015
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A sound you make when someone or something just emits failure via an action.
A Rod swings at the ball and the Ump screams: "Strike 3!"

Video Game Voice: "You lose. Game Over."

Kevin:"Dude I can't find my TV remote anywhere."

A.P.: "She never called me back."
Me: "Haha, SQUANT!!!"

Zuphlas: "Dude this kid has agility gems in his sockets and he's a Warrior."
Me: "Lol, SQUANT!!!"
by JUFIUS September 08, 2010
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A tiny, tight vagina that still has a cherry unpopped and has never been loosened. A really tight Vagina.
'Bro I fingered my girl last night and she had the tightest squant!
by Whit3oak February 04, 2010
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