1. the butt of the choir teacher from Williams high school

2. A massive erection that supasses jet planes because of the choir teachers butt.
1. I wish I could burry my face in that squag!

2. Dang I wish my squag would go down, it's starting to hurt!
by Explosive tip November 21, 2010
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Another name for a cigarette. almost like square, but a little less obvious of a nickname. It is mostly used among teens in Illinois (atleast in the Chicago-land area?)
Dude, i just totally lit up some squags before volleyball practice. Can you smell it?
by Hella Smokes February 19, 2009
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A sort of walk in which one points the pinkie toes upward. Much like a strut combined with a motor deficiency.
BRO! You have got one squag of a SQUAGGA-SWAGGA!
by ogphil February 15, 2011
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That odd, squiggly-sounding noise made by one's stomach during the digestive process.
Did you hear that sound? It was like- 'squiggle iggle squag diggle oig oig oig?' That was a LONG squag, man!
by ogphil February 16, 2011
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First nations female who is terrible at their job; worthless, but feels important. Has the sickest swag ever seen, but clueless to the real worth. Peter calls them constantly
HR manager whos really busy doing nothing, and never returns a call/email because they're a huge swagger hound;squag
by hizzyhound August 01, 2013
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