It’s a nothing car. Yes, it has locking diff and yes, it’s as non-threatening as a protestant preacher but it’s simply utilitarian. In fact, this is the closest car you can get in the 2000s to what the original Ford Explorer was, and you can make all your dad jokes about explode O tires. Wait that’s it, that’s what the Honda Pilot is, it’s a box for dad jokes…
Guy: Nice Honda Pilot my dude.
Guy 2: Thanks bro.
by Pilot6.0 September 1, 2018
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an expression used to compliment someone's energy level, completely unrelated to one of the most versatile vehicles around.Can also be used to describe one's level of efficiency in bed. Or just the car. Which is just as good
"Jeez, Wendy was amazing last night!"
"Really? How so?"
"She rode me like a Honda Pilot!"
by Jacknicholson June 28, 2008
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