when two guys compete for a girl for nothing but the competition. they bet on it just for fun.
man neal and ben got the squables over that trick
by neal flippo December 09, 2004
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a square bagel, one thats not round.
my bagel just rolled away when I dropped it, I wish I had a squable
by awesom-o 5000 April 22, 2008
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An act in which you beat the crap out of someone named Shawn Murphy.
I just squabled that loser, and now he wants more.
by Fatass October 20, 2003
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Cat squable is when your can wont shut up or is particularly talkative that day. or
ramble, jibberish
Dude, your cat is fluent in cat sqauble. or
Bro stop talking cat squable and get back to work!
by CATSQUABLE December 01, 2016
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