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(n.) The alibi of a strikingly handsome individual with superhuman powers that are too insanely many to name. Also referred to as "Incredibly-Awesome Man". His insignia is the delectable potato.

Note: This is, unfortunately, an extremely rough definition. There is absolutely no way to truly define Spudman, as his supercoolness exceeds that which can be described by any spoken language. In a few thousand years English will evolve to include the critical components of his impeccable nature that can be conveyed through words. Until then, mediocrity shall have to suffice.
With a debonaire disposition, Spudman set out to save the world one daunting physics problem at a time.
by Tater Tot July 14, 2006
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A non-super hero with homosexual tendencies. He doesn't fight crime or any worth-while. He basically works at a crappy job and invents new ways to slow down the production and efficiency of his fellow workers by shoving potatoes up his arse. Thus, he'll claim worker's comp and other handouts.
That new guy in acctounting is such a Spudman. He just lays around waiting for something to hurt him so he can collect a check without working.
by Decon 4 and waiting June 01, 2010
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