totally hyper, bubble, and spunky. Cant sit still. Excited. feeling of laughter and you have carbonation in your soul!
Oh my goodness! im feeling really spritzy today, i cant sit still and feel all giggly! whats wrong with me?!
by jbtonti November 5, 2010
when a drink that’s carbonated is so fizzy that it tastes spicy
broooo this fuckin drink is spritzyy it burns my mouth
by the baller69420 August 17, 2018
One who prefers ridiculous collegiate-escapade sit coms (such as "Big Bang Theory") to hilarious relationship-related folly-based sit coms (such as "How I Met Your Mother").
Guy 1: Dude, I would much rather watch Big Bang Theory than HIMYM. It is just a better show.
Guy 2: Bro, you are such a spritzy.
by Robbs Barbro December 16, 2008
When a fart peppers your underwear like shotgun blast
Oops i may have made a spritzy
by Paul Merr November 5, 2018
Spritzy is someone no one likes, and is similar to Liam.
Spritzy is as annoying as Liam.
by wryzex_ December 11, 2021