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When a girl balances on her head naked, while doing a split. A guy spins her around like a sprinkler while she squirts in every direction (works breast indoors).
Wow dude... she did a sprinkler all in my mouth last night :)
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A girl who is both a squirter and a spinner.
I met this petite girl off Tinder who turned out to be a sprinkler. She was spinning on top and soaked my bed when she came.
by littlepigs October 05, 2017
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A Sprinkler is a kind of participant or gambler in a game of casino Roulette. This person generally places large bets on any of the 38 numbers on the game layout, whose betting style depends only on luck, rather than applying any understanding of the game, knowledge, logic or methodology / systematics. The sprinkler approach to the game may yield a quick pay-off in the short-term, but such an inexperienced approach to the game will result in more trips to the ATM to stay in the game. Incidentally, the casinos just love these kinds of people (accounting for a majority of gamblers).
"This gambler is really a numbskull. She just placed $5 on 20 numbers, but she did not win. Quite a sprinkler, she is."
by Risk-Taker November 28, 2006
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when you are giving a blowjob & the guy starts forcing your head downwards because he is about to cum and the cum shoots up your sinus cavity & you have to do a snot rocket to get it out. preferrably on his face.
Last night when I was giving Bill a blowjob I had to do a sprinkler when I was done.
by spinkydownsy March 31, 2011
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When you are giving oral to a female and she suddenly pees on your face.
Chris: Dude, last night I was eating out my girl when suddenly, she fucking gives me a sprinkler!

David: Damn dude, I bet you were pissed.
by King Fuentes November 05, 2014
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A word given to people with a sexual attractiveness towards someone of the same sex. Most often a person who is homosexual but has not come out.
Adam is such a sprinkler. He needs to come out with it.
by Lustful Dog February 05, 2011
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When a female gives head to a group of dudes standing around in a circle, and then spits out the cum like a garden sprinkler.
Fish: Yo, did you hear that chick did a sprinkler on the entire boys basketball team?

Josh: Yeah man, she is an a.n.c.h.o.r.
by Shellie Shel March 21, 2008
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