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Originating in the game 'Halo: Reach' with strong influences from the 'Hoovy' of 'Team Fortress 2' the term 'Spooten' is used to refer to an enemy Spartan who wants to be friendly and approaches your team crouched with his/her pistol drawn pointing at the sky/ground, or with their pistol disarmed(1) and looking at the sky/ground.
Though a rare occurrence Spootens do occasionally appear in online matches and are promptly fired upon by all near by Spartans both enemy and friendly alike. Usually due to almost nobody knowing what a Spooten is or being angry they aren't helping the team they quickly became an endangered species and are treasured by those who know of their unique nature. If an online match becomes drawn out or extremely lopsided sometimes Spootens will start to appear in the battlefield, sometimes described "like a unicorn from the mist."
On some occasions there have been reports of the rare driving Spooten. This is a sub species of Spooten who is driving a Mongoose(2) exceedingly slowly and honking the high pitched horn very rapidly.

If you see a wild Spooten please avoid killing them.

disarmed(1): In many Halo games you can lower your weapon by using a special combination on your controller. It is typically hard to accomplish.

Mongoose(2): A quad/ATV like vehicle in Halo games.
"Hold your fire! Its a Spooten!"

"That Spooten is getting in my way!"
by SYDWAD June 18, 2018
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