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The game where a group of friends ride around in a car with some spoons. When they see a black person they must yell "N***er!" and proceed to throw a spoon at them while driving by. If you miss them with the spoon you must stop and get out and pick the spoon up.
Driver: "Hey lets play the spoon game!"
Passenger: "Ok!"

Driving by Black person
Passenger: "N***er!"
Throws spoon and misses
passenger: "Shit!"
by rynanjnsn1 January 30, 2012
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It is a game where white guys get spoons, then they proceed to a car. After driving to a black neighborhood, you find a group of black guys. After locating the group, you and your friends drive by them throwing your spoons while screaming, "NIGGER". If you do not succeed in hitting a member of the group, then you have to walk back and pick up the spoon.
Hint: It's all in the wrist.
Example 1: (White Example)
Person 1: How did Timmy die?
Person 2: He was playing the spoon game and he missed.
Person 1:What did they do to him?
Person 2: They popped him so bad he looked like Swiss Cheese.

Example 2: (Black Example)
Black Guy 1: Some Crackers played the Spoon game with my Brothas.

Black Guy 2: What did you do?
Black Guy 1: One Cracker missed so he came back and then we pulled out our gats and then we told him he had 10 sec. to run. He shat his pants and ran fast Usain Bolt back to his Cracker Community.
by Odoylerules February 28, 2012
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