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A social drinking game originated in 2005 in Philadelphia that includes strategically placing spoons on a street and drinking when a car/truck/scooter/zebra runs it over (clinks your spoon).

# of Players : Game is for 1 or more players.

What you need to play : 1 or more spoons.

Gameplay is optimized on a porch/stoop/somewhere you can sit to watch and listen to your spoon(s).

A regular car clinking the spoon = 1 beverage sip
A motor bike/four wheeler/monster truck clinking the spoon = 2 beverage sips
An ambulance/cop car/any vehicle with a siren that is on clinking the spoon = Consume half of your beverage
A Huffy Bike/Rollerblader/Baby stroller clinking your spoon= Consume all of your beverage
If a vehicle stops on your spoon, continue drinking until they are no longer on your spoon.

Game enhancements :

1. Placing multiple spoons in the street. This leads to heightened amounts of drinking.
2. Placing spoons on the sidewalk in addition to the street.
3. Playing on a porch or other area off of the sidewalk of the street. Somewhere close enough that you can hear the clink, but far enough away that drivers won't suspect you.
4. Playing on teams (light colored cars vs. dark colored cars).
(From the east side of the street) Here comes an ambulance with it's sirens on ! Clink!

(On the sidewalk) Clink! Rogue rollerblader just hit our street spoons!
by illadelf07 August 12, 2010
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