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A game in which participants of non-black ethnicity drive around a particularly poor neighbourhood in an automobile of some sort. The participants carry with them a bag of metal spoons and whenever they see a black person they roll down the windows and scream SPOON THE COON!!! whilst throwing the spoon at the black person. If the spoon makes contact with its intended target then the drive continues, if the spoon misses then the driver stops the vehicle and the thrower of said missed spoon must exit the vehicle and retrieve the spoon from the ground. If you miss your throw then you are likely going to die because black people don't much like this game.
Greg: Hey quick roll down the windows there be a nigger up ahead!

*Greg throws spoon at black man, but misses*

Bob: Well you missed, better bring the shotgun with you when you grab that spoon that nigger's got a killin look in his eye.
by runshat October 27, 2010
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