1. A word to use when you forget a thought you were going to say
2. Chicken Wings
1. Whoops I had a spoodi!
2. Can I get some mild spooded? (Plural of spoodi)
by Spoodi wing girlie! December 2, 2017
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A state of mind in which a person chooses to be angry, resentful and grouchy. Basically a party pooper.

Someone who it throwing a silent temper tantrum for attention.
When ur at a club, and you want to dance, but ur friend is sulking in the corner... you walk up to her and say: "girl! Why r u being spoodie?"
by AstridsVespertine December 8, 2012
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a term for non-consensual anal intercourse, whether literal or metaphoric.
"Tyrone said another inmate tried to spoody-dook him in the showers at Riker's." or "The President just spoody-dooked Congress again!"
by Bjorn Masters December 29, 2007
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Raspberry tea is in fact extremely spoody, it posses the traits of a gay T-Rex mixed with a extremely pale white boy.
Anthony: Is raspberry tea spoody?
You with your newfound information: Yes.
by Anthony’s Secret Admirer April 25, 2019
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